Jolinda Linden


METHOD11 is a retrospective of techniques explored over the past five years. Each work is executed in white porcelain and is similar in size, allowing the method itself to become the focus for the viewer by drawing attention to an infinite array of similarities and differences made possible through technique alone.

Severe constraints on form can yield great beauty and a heightened respect for the potential of raw materials. Through a strict and deliberate five-year limitation to four tools, one porcelain clay, and a single chemical element, I was able to explore more deeply what the clay can become. Countless variations can be achieved with minor adjustments to chemical, time, temperature and shape. In this way, the vast creative and transformative potential of simple tools and techniques is finally unbound. The further they are explored the more captivating and entrancing the work becomes.

METHOD11 and all of my works are best described as "two-dimensional" sculptures. Each piece is comprised of hundreds or thousands of small, unique components meticulously created and assembled into multi-level compositions. Seeing the work in person reveals the transparent glazes, raw edges and metamorphic qualities that the viewer can relate to subconsciously and that thereby become an essential part of each individual's intellectual and emotional connection to the work

— Jolinda Linden, 2011